There’s some good news today: Syrian rebels backed by Turkish troops and tanks recaptured ISIS’s last major stronghold on the Syrian-Turkish border, inflicting yet another defeat on the terrorist organization’s rapidly dwindling “caliphate.”

There actually wasn’t much of a fight, according to a Washington Post report. There was practically no resistance from the ISIS scumbags, who appeared to have turned tail and run as the forces advanced.

And that pretty much sums up ISiS’s modus operandi these days. They enslave, rape and kill innocent, defenceless people, and their lone wolf terrorists blow themselves up in public places. But when it comes to real fighting on the ground, they just don’t have it in them . . . all the trademarks of cowardly bullies.

Of course, today’s victory has ruffled feathers in the so-called Syrian government and Russia — but let’s be honest: do they really care who defeats ISIS? Do we care? I’ll cheer for any nation that attacks that ugly terrorist organization.

It’s clear that ISIS is all but finished off. The important thing now is to take its leaders alive and get them into an international court, for all the world to see.

Hopefully, the United States and its allies can orchestrate a mission to swoop in on those bastards and scoop them up.

— Jillian