4 thoughts on “Twitter quote of the day: Sophia Loren on pasta and wine

    1. lol. I never would have figured you were an expert on such things.

      However, please note that the photo caption accompanying the movie image of Ms. Loren doesn’t say she said that in the movie. It merely quotes her without saying when she actually made the statement. So, she may have made the statement last week, for all we know . . .


      1. Silly girl, I am wise & knowledgeable about many things.

        Although technically you are correct that quote could have been whenever, the implication is that it is contemporaneous with the photo. BTW, in that photo, she is not a size zero in any era. That is an observation, not a critique of her physique.

        As for physiques, by all means continue to post pix of lovely and scantily clad ladies in your blog. The more the merrier (although I have a fine supply of “lovely” at home, as you know).



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