How long will it be before North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is assassinated? Given the threat he poses to the world — and especially the United States — after the latest nuclear test by his country, you would think there are a lot of people in high places in many nations who want him dead.

And no doubt there are a lot of people in North Korea who would like to see the last of Kim Jong Un.

No, I am not encouraging anyone to kill the North Korean leader. But you gotta think his days are seriously numbered, yes?

Or maybe not. While thinking about this, I remembered how Hitler was able to carry on his with his Holocaust regime, being directly responsible for the deaths of millions upon millions of people. Why wasn’t he assassinated long before he got to that point? Why didn’t someone in his own country kill him?

The same can be be said for many ruthless dictators over the course of man’s history: why were they allowed to carry on their murderous ways?

In the case of Kim Jong Un, will it get to the point that he will cause millions of people, perhaps in the United States, to die?

I’m guessing there are all sorts of politics at play, and that it just wouldn’t do for a foreign power to be killing the leader of a legitimate nation. But what of the citizens of North Korea, or Nazi Germany? Why didn’t some anti-Nazi citizen in Germany kill Hitler — for the good of mankind?

Why hasn’t someone in North Korea killed Kim Jong Un for the good of mankind? I mean, if so many radicalized young people are willing to blow themselves up for the insane ideology of primitive lunatics like ISIS, you would think someone would take out Kim Jong Un before he does the unthinkable and strikes some nation with a bomb far more powerful than those used on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

If you were standing beside this guy and you knew he was going to kill millions of people, would you wring his neck?

— Jillian