A followup to the preceding post.

“Yes, we can change the world,” we sang over and over again in the 1960s and ’70s.

But we didn’t.

Sure, we made good music. Lots and lots of it. But the capitalists moved in quickly and, well, capitalized on our good vibes. We gladly traded free love for cash.

We didn’t really change the world much at all. In fact, the world is worse off today than it was when we were kids. We really didn’t give much thought to the kids of today or tomorrow, because we were too busy singing “Sha na na, let’s live for today.”

That “today” is now yesterday, and on this today, well, see the preceding post here about the Anthropocene epoch. Get used to that term, because you’ll be hearing a lot more about it as our species reaps the karma it has sown.

My generation could have changed the world. We had the momentum to effect great change. But we succumbed to the capitalist system.

Can we do anything about it now?

— Jillian