It has been a glorious summer in my corner of this little blue planet, third from the Sun. Mother Nature has really outdone herself with an abundance of warm, sunny days and just the right amount of precipitation to keep up the water levels.

And on this, the last full day of summer, temperatures will be in the mid-20sC and the sky will be so blue . . .

But, as the song says, all things must pass, and tomorrow I’ll have to cover up my bare legs when I go to work because, right on cue, the temperature will drop as the autumn season officially begins . . . Indeed, if the long-term forecast is to be believed, after today we won’t be seeing — and luxuriating in — daytime temperatures over 20C until spring.

Sigh . . . And so will begin the descent into the season of perpetual California Dreaming.

But, as another song says, let’s live for today, yes? There are a couple of blue jays sitting in a tree outside my bedroom window right now, trying to get my attention by squawking loudly. They want peanuts, you see — because my g/f and I have been feeding them all summer, along with a couple of red squirrels and a chipmunk. They will not be heading south this fall, so we will no doubt be a source of food for them.

I love watching the blue jays take the peanuts, still in their shells, into the trees. They hold them in their beaks and break them open by hitting them against a sturdy branch.

Anyway, enough talk. The blue jays await me . . .

Happy Last Day of Summer, everyone!

— Jillian