Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today, right?

With that maxim in mind, I plunged into the lake today for what probably will be my last skinny dip until spring.

Yes, the lake was cold — about 62F according to a thermometer I placed in the water by the shoreline. I’m sure it was colder further out, probably around 60F. But it wasn’t as cold today as it will be tomorrow, after the temperature dips to about 40F (5C) tonight.

Actually, it was a bit of a shock to my system when I dove in head first. There would be no keeping my hair dry today. I wanted to savor the full submersible experience, even if I would look like the proverbial drowned rat in photos my partner was snapping of this “you’re nuts!” experience.

But after I had been in for a few minutes, the water was lovely . . . OK, it was still cold, but not unbearably so (and I just can’t think right now of a “bare” pun to go along with that line of thought).

Sigh . . . It’s moments like these I’ll think about during the long winter months to come. Skinny dipping in fresh, pure Laurentian lakes is one of my favourite pastimes. They’re almost spiritual moments for me, as I view the world around me  with my head just above water (quite literally!), much like the loon that was floating nearby today was seeing it.

I thank the Great Spirit, or my lucky stars, for these opportunities, when I can truky be one with nature.

Such are the gifts of summer and early autumn in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec.

Naturism for me is far more than simply being naked . . . I know all of my naturist friends here feel the same way.

So, next week, I will rejoin my naturism group in Ontario for social swim events at various indoor pools, along with action on the basketball court. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again after the summer break.

Happy autumn, everyone!

— Jillian