Putting on my life jacket

Woo . . .

Sometimes we bloggers offer opinions that are just too controversial, such as those in the post I wrote suggesting Donald Trump could turn around the negative fallout from his lewd 2005 comments and spin the incident to his benefit in the campaign. At least one beloved reader — and I am truly grateful, on this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, for my regular readers here — was insulted by the post. Men are generally not so lewd, he feels.

On my facebook page, response from an old friend and an acquaintance re: the Monica Lewinsky affair with Bill Clinton astounded me: they felt it wasn’t Clinton’s fault at all. It was Monica’s. She asked for it. His position of power was irrelevant.

Hey, what do I know? Perhaps I am out of my depth here writing about U.S. politics, being the Québécois I am.

So, I’m removing the offending post, with apologies, and probably won’t advance any more theories about this wacky presidential race — even though it seems to be the trendy thing to do these days.


— Jillian

9 thoughts on “Putting on my life jacket

  1. It is a felony in NYS for a person in a power position to engage in any sexual activity with a person in her/his control.

    The subordinate is not in a position to give true voluntary consent.


    1. So very true. There is a case in Canada at a newspaper where a subordinate — a reporter — committed suicide after a relationship ended with a (married) manager who was allegedly also having a relationship with another manager. A very tangled web. No charges are being filed, to the best of my knowledge, but it rocked that newsroom and led to job losses and an internal investigation into the newsroom culture there.


  2. As it is written so let it be done: “Politics was, is, and will always be a “dirty” business. Whether or not it is a “human” thang is also debateable %@


  3. Meh. I think you shouldn’t have pulled your post. Personally, I raised an eye brow when I caught sight of the headline and thought the proposition to be highly improbable, seriously outré, but I couldn’t be more “offended” than that. The more absurd a suggestion or even an assertion is, the less one needs to worry about it. After all credibility is everything, whether it is an idea or a person. I also beleive that you can’t be involved in politics in any serious way and remain honest and with integrity. Nor, do I believe you can be a rich successful businessman or businesswoman and mantain any meningful integrity. I guess that Donald Trump scores a double bonus on that account and if you believe that politics is “a dirty business“, then I guess, also does Hilary Clinton.


    1. The politicians have a way of dragging people down into the muck with them, and causing division. And the campaigns seem to be getting dirtier and dirtier. In Canada, the federal campaign was sickening to watch, as was the recent Parti Quebecois leadership race.

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      1. Let’s not delude ourselves. Politicians have long been reluctant to tell us what we really need to hear and have been wed to political dogma and tribalism rather than pragmatic realism, as preached from the political pulpit. Nowadays it’s got even uglier as they abandon all pretence of “superiority” and leadership and just pander to what we appar to be asking for. It is not going to end well and there is only one group pushing the agenda; “We the People”. All that has changed is the politicians’ eager wilingness to just cave into our worst prejudices and primitive instincts. Duterte is the most recent worst of example of it, with Trump a potential close second, but there are plenty of other less obvious examples.


  4. My family like to play cards. My dad says that if you don’t go set once in a while, you’re not bidding high enough. In the same way, if you don’t offend people by an article once in a while, you’re probably not doing a very good job as a writer or reporter. 🙂


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