Woo . . .

Sometimes we bloggers offer opinions that are just too controversial, such as those in the post I wrote suggesting Donald Trump could turn around the negative fallout from his lewd 2005 comments and spin the incident to his benefit in the campaign. At least one beloved reader — and I am truly grateful, on this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, for my regular readers here — was insulted by the post. Men are generally not so lewd, he feels.

On my facebook page, response from an old friend and an acquaintance re: the Monica Lewinsky affair with Bill Clinton astounded me: they felt it wasn’t Clinton’s fault at all. It was Monica’s. She asked for it. His position of power was irrelevant.

Hey, what do I know? Perhaps I am out of my depth here writing about U.S. politics, being the Québécois I am.

So, I’m removing the offending post, with apologies, and probably won’t advance any more theories about this wacky presidential race — even though it seems to be the trendy thing to do these days.


— Jillian