Here we go again: Sabre rattling between the United States and Russia, only this time the sabres are nuclear missiles that would essentially leave no winners in a war between the two nations. Only dust.

Life as people in those countries know it now would never be the same if a war develops to the point that they are bombing each other’s country.

Is it just talk? Or could it really happen? And why is Syria so important to the United States? Why won’t the U.S. just walk away and let the Assad regime continue? Is Syria worth World War III and the loss of billions of lives, including yours?

Or am I worrying too much (again)?

Here’s an article on the Gazette site, one of many about this subject on many media sites: War talk returns to Russian TV as relations with U.S., West hit lowest ebb since darkest days of Cold War

And here is another, from the Russia Insider site: If Hillary Wins, Will She Kill Us All?

Have a look at both articles and feel free to comment here.

— Jillian