Millennials, rise up and take back the world — before it’s too late

“But when you talk about destruction/Don’t you know that you can count me out”
— Revolution, The Beatles

So, how did we get to the point in mankind’s history that a handful of individuals — Vladimir Putin, the American president, the Chinese leader, among others — can utter a command and destroy civilization as we know it, wiping out billions of people in the process?

How is it we have allowed so few to have so much power — though, I am not sure “power” is the right word here. Because killing billions of people is not a demonstration of a leader’s power. It’s a demonstration of his or her madness.

There is no doubt that the vast majority of humans want a peaceful world. But we are all like so many sheep. We have allowed a few individuals to be in the position to control our destiny, and they are not doing a very good job.

Why don’t we rise up and take the power away from them, and institute a peaceful world order where nuclear weapons and such do not exist?

I wonder how many people today are optimistic about humanity’s future. Will today’s millennials make it to old age? Will the human race as we know it now survive another decade?

These thoughts haunt me today as I row, row, row my boat as if the stream flows gently forever . . .

Yes, maybe it is all a dream, a nightmare, and when we die, we wake up . . .

— Jillian

6 thoughts on “Millennials, rise up and take back the world — before it’s too late

  1. I think we have to get back to basics. Like Darwin’s “Origin of the Species”. Seminal book imo. But frankly, the universities are doing a PPJ(pisspoorjob) of teaching the right stuff. But I suppose that’s why Oxford is #1 U. Thing is, even it’s days might be numbered? %P


  2. The world is not more dangerous now than it was fifty years ago- in fact it is a lot safer. In the past 50 years the death rate from many sources has been trending down. 100 years ago we still had dictators bent on genocide and performing atrocities that would make ISIS beheadings look tame in comparison. Natural disasters killed thousands, diseases killed millions. What’s different are the instant 24/7 news delivery and the polarized “news” channels, most specifically Fox ‘news’, that feed your brain anxiety which becomes fear, and then the listener is easily, too easily motivated to do some pretty horrible things that some would call borderline psychopathy.

    Goebbels used the principle that when one lies, it should be a big lie, and one should stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous. Or paraphrased as: “The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed.”

    From volume 1, chapter 6 of Mein Kampf (1925), by Adolf Hitler, “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.”

    So, what misinformation is coming from the Republican party. Obama is not an American and the Democrats only stay in office with voter fraud. Obama was born in Hawaii and regardless of the historical record, most Republicans still believe that Obama is not a US citizen- because that’s what the right-wing radio talk-show hosts keep repeating. Voter fraud is one of the big lies. In the 2012 presidential election over 2 Million votes were cast and there were only 30 verified occurrences of in-person voter fraud. Hardly enough to change the overall vote. Ironically, of the people charged with voter fraud in the past ten years, half were Republicans. (One in New Hampshire by a Republican who wanted to demonstrate how easy it was to commit voter fraud).

    That brings us to Trump. He is the Frankenstein product of the falsehoods and misinformation fueled by the Republican party. Shelly couldn’t possibly have known that she was writing a political story. The Republicans created their monster and brought it to life. The monster escaped their control and is in the countryside terrorizing the people, and now the monster’s creator is trying to destroy it. But here’s where it’s different. Shelly’s monster was really not a bad man, just developmentally challenged and misunderstood. The Republican’s monster is a sociopath with no redeeming qualities.

    So, back to your original point.

    You are anxious and fearful of things that will likely never happen to you or anyone close to you. But you are watching entirely too much “news” which just feeds the anxiety.


  3. Russia – the people rose up and took power from the Tsar. China, the people rose up and took power from the emperor. Even USA, the people rose up and took power from King George.

    Animal Farm – what goes round comes round.


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