#Anonymous taking on “the corrupted media”

Speaking of mainstream media and its perceived shortcomings, Anonymous is gearing up to do something about it, apparently.

And many people are blaming and/or applauding Anonymous for Friday’s DDoS attacks on the Internet.

What do you think about Anonymous?

Are they the Robin Hoods of the Internet?

Here is a video from the group, making the rounds on Facebook etc. (Photo at top from Anonymous, Wikimedia Commons)

2 thoughts on “#Anonymous taking on “the corrupted media”

  1. Anonymous aren’t “the answer to anything” but rather are “more of the same problem”. I sure have no idea what “the answer” is, but know for sure Anonymous aren’t it.


  2. Realize that most of the news clips are years old, but this level of a DDOS is not Anonymous’ style. They target individual corporations or governments or “news” outlets to deliver a message. There’s no message in the recent DDOS of DYN.

    Anonymous does not hide their activity. When they strike, they want the target to know why they were targeted. While their name and members are anonymous, their activities are not.

    Anonymous are the cyber Robin Hood.

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