Nudism/Naturism: Good for what ails you

After a toxic, poisonous week, I got to my first naturism event of the autumn season with my group in Ottawa on Saturday night.

It reaffirmed for me the therapeutic values of social nudism, how such events can cleanse you of some of the negativity of the textile, capitalism mentality and its ruthlessness.

Of course, the cure is only temporary, and some people would prefer to find comfort in a bottle or a joint.

But it was such a pleasure to soak in the hot tub with friends, and then swim, swim, swim in the pool. Skinny dipping is one of my favourite pastimes, so I swam a lot last night, as well as played with a Halloween beach ball in the water with some of the group members.

I plan to do a lot of swimming au naturel this winter. Indeed, that’s how I will be drowning my sorrows while keeping my head above water.

As for the toxic stuff, you’ll hear about some of it.


Photo: Families swim at naturist camping spot Monts de Bussy, Haute-Vienne, France. (Photo: Alain Tanguay/Wikipedia)

5 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: Good for what ails you

  1. Hang in there, kid. Angie and I have been through so much injury and illness this year that we haven’t gotten even a touch of sun! We need it, crave it, but can’t do it.

    Maybe next summer (if my doctors are wrong!).


  2. I’m pleased to say that life is good for me. I enjoy my work a great deal, so it’s not really “work,” although it is very physical at times, which I need and appreciate. I’m self employed, so I’m able to take one weekday off each week to go fishing deep in a nearby forest. It’s my weekly therapy, and I relish being out with the wildlife where I rarely see another human. And at the end of the day, it feels soooooo good to get the clothes off when I get home. It would be much better, of course, to be able to stay naked all day, but that’s impractical and unlikely, so I enjoy undressing and popping a cold one at the end of a fulfilling, busy, and productive day. Every now and then, I even get to enjoy nature in my natural state, and I credit nudity in large part for my continued good health, both mentally and physically.


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