Welcome to the new look for this blog

I do believe in refreshing the look for this blog every once in a while, just as so many newspapers and other publications put on a fresh face at times. So, here is the new presentation of this blog, which will have a picture accompanying every blog post hereon in.

Yes, all the usual subjects will still be covered here.

You will find a list of pages at the bottom of the home page, along with a list of the most recent comments. And a few photos.

I’ll be fine-tuning things here during the days to come.


— Jillian

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the new look for this blog

  1. I really like the photos, a nice new touch! Also, glad to still find the original sketch of the model writing postcards somewhere on here. I love that sketch!

    A couple practical observations. I miss being able to see how many replies are made to each posting, right on the main screen. Also, really, really miss seeing the first couple sentences of each posting with the headline. I miss the enticement those leads gave.

    Looking forward to seeing how it evolves! It’s kinda fun seeing something growing at this time of year!


    1. Thanks, Scott. If there is any way I can add those things you are missing, I will — but each format on wordpress has its limitations. However, I know how important Reader Comments are, so I have made sure to have a list of the most recent comments.



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