‘They’ve all come to look for America’

It’s all about America today, as much of the global village holds its collective breath while we await the results of the presidential election.

The importance of this election has global ramifications — did I really need to remind people about that? I think many Americans realize today that they are not just voting for themselves and their country. They are voting for the future of the world, and of mankind.

So, will it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

I think most outsiders, i.e. foreigners, are cheering for Hillary. She represents stability and sanity. Whereas Donald has come across as a divisive loose cannon thus far, and nobody knows what to expect from his presidency.

Dear American readers and friends, I stand with you in spirit today.

God bless you.

God bless America.


Simon & Garfunkel’s America with a slideshow of American landscapes

Photo credit: American flag by CassadeyFedel via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

2 thoughts on “‘They’ve all come to look for America’

  1. God Bless America for sure and all the other countries in our world this affects. No issues were discussed on their platforms as they were too preoccupied with with the past and verbal abuse to one another. If any country needs a strong, leading government, it is the USA. The world relies on this too for the obvious reasons. NO walls please-we don’t want to set history back a hundred years.


  2. I don’t think that a lot of Americans do realise they’re voting for the rest of the world – for a lot of them the rest of the world is a great unknown and unrecognised commodity, and as such only figures in their calculation to the extent of “what’s that got to do with me?”


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