President Mike Pence?

The pollsters may have got the U.S. election results wrong, but the pundits were right about one thing: the United States is a very divided country. We saw that with the popular vote, which had Hillary Clinton winning by a very small margin.

Indeed, as one foreign newspaper put it, there is nothing “united” about the U.S. today, in the wake of the presidential election campaign.

To blame all it on one man, Donald Trump, would be simply making him a scapegoat for divisions that have been burning in that nation for a very long time. Trump played on those divisions to win the White House, but he may be thinking today that he overplayed his hand as thousands take to the streets to protest against his presidency. As Montrealers who witnessed student-inspired uprisings in this city can tell you, these types of protests tend to snowball. And get violent. Many parts of the United States could be in flames in the days and weeks to come.

If that alone is not enough for Trump to step aside from his new role as president of the United States, his various legal woes might cinch it. He could be impeached if allegations of fraud and racketeering are proven in court.

Of course, things could settle down in the United States: the people could stop demonstrating in the streets against Trump, and he could win all of his legal issues. And he could usher in a new Camelot in the American capital, and an era of peace and harmony in the United States

But I have my doubts that Trump will fulfill his presidential mandate. That won’t get America off the Republican hook. It won’t solve the nation’s problems. But it least it will have a smooth-talking chief in President Mike Pence, who will be able to bridge the great divide and restore some harmony in the country.


— Jillian

Photo credit: Governor Mike Pence speaking with supporters at a campaign rally at the Mesa Convention Center in Mesa, Arizona. (Source: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons)

4 thoughts on “President Mike Pence?

  1. President Pence? He would be a bigger disaster than Trump. Pence is the governor who first signed “religious freedom” into law making it legal for anyone to discriminate against LGBT for any reason as long as they say it was for religious purposes. Mike Pence is outspoken that he wants to see Roe overturned and Planned Parenthood eliminated. He wants all contraceptive use and abortions illegal. He is so far to the insane religious right that Jesus Christ wouldn’t be welcome.

    Mike Pence is more dangerous than Trump because he actually is smart. He only took the job when Trump told him that he would run the country while Trump would be a figurehead.

    Ironically, Pence could be the 46th President. If Trump is found guilty of racketeering (the trial starts on November 28), then he will be impeached.


  2. First, I believe that Trump could only be impeached for offensives commited while he was actually oresudent, so, the fact that we elected a ,_________, fill in the many blanks, we have to live with him.
    Second, I have tried to live my life by giving the other person the benefit of doubt but now that we have elected a feelings be damned president and party, all bets are off.


  3. I’m most concerned about those Trump may surround himself with. I agree with what’s been said about Pence, a soft spoken wolf. But, Newt Gingrich as Secretary of State? Rudy Giuliani as Attorney General? And, the guy who ran the website that traded in mostly conspiracy theories could be White House Chief of Staff? And lots of others we don’t know about, yet.

    On election night, a reporter on public radio said that the chief of staff for Ohio Governor John Kaisch has said that Trump called Kaisch before Pence last summer. He told him he could be the most powerful vice-president in history. Trump told Kaisch he wanted him to handle policy matters, and Kaisch asked if he meant domestic or foreign policy? Trump told Kaisch he meant both.

    This may be a President who wants to give speeches, be on TV, do public appearances, but let others really run the country. Not all that unlike Reagan or George W. Bush, but we know how that type of governing let unelected people run amuck.


  4. As president, Trump might not be impeachable for crimes committed pre-presidency, but can a president operate when he has to be in court for much of the week? If he’s found guilty and jailed, can he stay president? Might the trial be delayed until after his presidency?


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