So, will this American election ever end? Or are we about to witness an endless series of vote recounts?

Green Party leader Jill Stein, who some say is partially responsible for Hillary Clinton not winning the presidency, is raising cash for vote recounts in three states: Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. And at least one of those recounts will proceed, in Wisconsin, with the other two more than likely to proceed. And the Democrats are now saying they will be onboard for the recount process.

The reason: Because Stein and others feel that voting machines could have been hacked in states that use electronic voting machines, thus altering the legitimate results and denying Clinton of a victory.

Says David Cobb, Stein’s campaign manager, in a report on The Hill site: “It’s been proven that hacking occurred during this election cycle,” Cobb said, alluding to cyber attacks on the emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, the Democratic National Committee and several state election computers. “We do not have any knowledge that a hack took place, but if it can be done, we want to investigate it to see if it was done and if the systems in these states were hacked, to what extent did they alter the results in these states.”

More from The Hill article: (Cobb) cited J. Alex Halderman, University of Michigan professor of Computer Science and Engineering, for the possibility hacks in voting machines can occur. In a blog post defending his call for a Michigan recount, Halderman wrote: “We’ve been pointing out for years that voting machines are computers, and they have reprogrammable software, so if attackers can modify that software by infecting the machines with malware, they can cause the machines to give any answer whatsoever. I’ve demonstrated this in the laboratory with real voting machines — in just a few seconds, anyone can install vote-stealing malware on those machines that silently alters the electronic records of every vote.”

So, I’m not expert on computer hacking, but I am very suspicious about the recount process: What’s to say electronic voting machines haven’t been hacked in the last week or so to make it look like there was a hack on Nov. 8? What’s to say they won’t be hacked or altered during the recount process, i.e. once they are booted back up.

How can we trust the recount process? How do we know for sure that Jill Stein, the Democrats and others aren’t conspiring to fraudulently change the results of the presidential race?

And if they don’t find evidence of computer hacking, how can we be sure there wasn’t any? Could it be possible that the hackers were so good that no one will ever be able to tell they altered the course of history?

And, finally, if they do find evidence of fraud and oust Trump from the White House, will his side then order another vote recount in an attempt to prove Stein and company fraudulently altered the results?

Jill Stein and friends are leading America down yet another rabbit hole, and the whole thing is becoming the maddest tea party the world has ever seen — in real time.

— Jillian

Photo credit: Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for U.S. president, at a campaign stop at Metro Community College in Omaha, Neb., on Sept. 7, 2016. (Matt A.J./Wikimedia Commons)