Montreal: Unclear on the snow concept?

You would think Montrealers would be used to snow by now, given that it has fallen upon the city ever since it was founded in 1642.

But they’re not, apparently. At least, not some in the city’s road maintenance department who didn’t get the salt trucks out early enough on Monday, Dec. 5.

Witness this somewhat shameful video of various vehicles — including two city buses, a police car and a salt truck — slide down a hill on a street in the heart of downtown Montreal on Monday morning after a light dusting of snow that made some streets slick, as as happened so many times before (re: see aforementioned history lesson in the lede of this post).

Watch it — and laugh at the city slickers in Montreal.

— Jillian

Photo: Screen grab from YouTube video above.


4 thoughts on “Montreal: Unclear on the snow concept?

  1. I just watched this on a Boston site, where it’s making the rounds after they warned of difficult driving for the morning rush hour(s) and lots of people got an extra early start, then it just rained.

    I’ve always loved Beaver Hall, some of the buildings remind me of an older Montreal, but I usually drive up the hill and I’ve known some slick times, too. Alwayshad been glad I wasn’t driving downhill at those times.


  2. It happens every winter in sunny California, too.
    You see, California only has two seasons: hot and wet. Between April and November, barely a drop of rain falls. But when the rain starts in December, all of the oil dripping from the cars over the previous months make the roads as slick as ice.


  3. I also thought about this later, my friend works in the office where they monitor the street cameras all over the city, and send out messages about traffic, accidents, etc. That office is located right at the bottom of Beaver Hall, just across Victoria Square. For this one, they probably just went to the window and looked down!


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