Back in the day when we could buy an ounce of California or Mexican pot for $20, we would complain if there were too many seeds in the bag. After all, the pot was sold by weight, and a lot of seeds in an ounce meant there was that much less of actual weed to smoke.

Sure, I planted some of the seeds back then — just for the fun of watching them grow. I can’t recall ever growing a pot plant that produced anything worth smoking. But I though they were beautiful plants. Mostly, though, we just threw excess seeds in the garbage.

So, recently I got the idea that I would like to grow another marijuana plant or two, again just for the joy of watching it grow — like any gardener would do. I like planting seeds even if the plants never really mature enough to produce fruit, i.e. my pumpkin plants, which produce beautiful orange flowers, but nary a pumpkin.

I put out the call to several of my friends who still puff on pot, asking for seeds, but nobody has any. So, I looked online to see if I could buy some and was shocked to see what people are charging for them these days. Marijuana seeds are big business, with all kinds of far-out, groovy names. Prices range from about $25 to $200 (Canadian) — for three seeds.


Imagine that.

If I had saved all those seeds from back in the day, I might be a multimillionaire now.

Just sayin’ . . .

I’m guessing that the prices are so high because these seeds are from high-potency hybrid plants or something, and that growing just one or two plants can lead to a plantation for those with the know-how. But I only want a couple of plants — just for the fun of it. I mean, if I wanted to smoke or otherwise ingest the stuff, I’d simply buy some for that purpose: It would be cheaper and so much faster!

Anyway, as Canada moves to legalize marijuana and, in the interim, illegal pot dispensaries are popping up all over the country thanks to the Prince of Pot and his crew, I’m confident I will score some seeds, if not at a more reasonable price. I’ll buy some of the least expensive seeds and grow some along with my pumpkin plants.

— Jillian

Photo credit: “thöR via / CC BY