What was outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama on about Friday when he told the media, with a straight face, that he feels the media treated Hillary Clinton unfairly during the election campaign?

Say what?

What had he been smoking before the White House press briefing, his last as president of the United States.

Sure, he was talking about the hacked emails, which he blamed on the Russians even though some sources have recently claimed the leak came from disenchanted Democrats — not the Russians.

But what was the media supposed to do: ignore the issue?

In fact, the media did everything they could to get Hillary Clinton elected. They ripped Trump apart daily — I don’t think I have ever seen a presidential candidate get as much negative media coverage as Trump did. But Hillary’s email issue needed to be covered by the media if they were to present themselves as being at least a little bit objective.

Obama’s credibility took a hit with those comments yesterday, and certainly didn’t help to make his case that the Russians hacked into the DNC email system.

And Obama did make a point of saying the vote process was fair. In other words, the majority voted for Trump in most states.

If anyone is to blame for the election outcome, it is the people who chose Hillary Clinton over other candidates as the Democratic nominee, not the media.

— Jillian

Photo credit: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during United States presidential election 2016. (From Wikimedia Commons: Krassotkin (derivative), Gage Skidmore (Donald Trump), Gage Skidmore (Hillary Clinton)