What the heck is Barack Obama doing in his last days in the White House?

Instead of graciously saying goodbye to the American people, packing up his belongings and making arrangements with the movers, he is engaging in a game of political chest-thumping in what appears to be a bid to make everyone think he is the most powerful man in the world — when, in fact, he isn’t.

And he seems intent on undermining Donald Trump’s presidency before it even begins by setting a new, and dangerous, agenda with the Russians. At the very least, he may be starting a new cold war — whether purposely or not.

The United States has long had a policy of blaming the Russians for various things over the decades. Russia has been the U.S. administration’s favourite scapegoat — because it has been an easy target. The U.S. knows Vladimir Putin and his predecessors in the Soviet Union are/were far too responsible to start WWIII. Putin has consistently demonstrated more maturity than Obama has by laughing off the U.S. leader’s public accusations because he knows that in the spy vs. spy game, America is a leader — and that is nothing to brag about. Many will tell you how the United States has meddled in world affairs and fed the public misinformation, and brought about the creation of monsters like ISIS and Al-Qaida.

Indeed, the White House has been Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory time and time again . . . and it seems the outgoing president is bent on conducting one last experiment before he finally leaves: Blame Russia, in part, for the election of Trump, and undermine the new administration from the outset —  because Obama knows Trump wants to establish better ties with Russia.

Some news analysts believe the recent moves by Obama to expel Russian diplomats and close two of their facilities in the U.S. is little more than a symbolic, and silly, move because Trump & Co. will simply overturn the order and work to re-establish close ties with Russia. But Obama will have performed one more act of self-aggrandizement — right after declaring he would have beaten Trump if could have run again for a third term. He and many other dems have behaved like sore losers, blaming everybody but themselves for their loss at the polls — and in the process, insulting those who voted for Trump.

If Donald Trump accomplishes nothing else, I hope he makes peace with Russia and eliminates the White House policy of making Americans distrust, fear and hate the Russians.

P.S. Of course, conspiracy theorists might say that Obama and Trump are working together on the Russia issue, but I seriously doubt it.

– Jillian

Photo credit: Barack Obama (marcn via Foter.com / CC BY)