So what did the state of California accomplish by commuting the death sentence of serial killer Charles Manson to life imprisonment?

We’ve had discussions about the death penalty before, with most readers opposed to it no matter who the victims were and how many lives were affected in the aftermath of the crimes.

So, Manson has been held in a prison since 1969, and has had more than 100 disciplinary violations while he has been there — having his three square meals a day — including assaulting a prison guard.

But even more alarming, he has managed to influence and delude people outside the prison system. Yes, there are modern-day followers of Charles Manson out there, one of whom — a woman, now 28, who calls herself “Star” — has been allowed to visit the deranged killer in prison. They were even given permission to marry, but it never happened, apparently. Star and another Manson follower have created Charles Manson websites, complete with messages from him.

And on and on the madness goes.

Of course, in the United States, mass murder has become far too common — to the point now that a week after a mass shooting incident, much of the population has simply shrugged it off and forgotten about it. So, no one would be surprised, I suppose, if a deluded modern-day Manson follower were to commit such a crime.

Many in America insist people should be allowed to carry guns, and they accept that sometimes, deranged people will commit horrendous crimes with those guns. It’s a fact of life — and death. But it’s not OK to execute murderers like Charles Manson. Nope, it’s better to let him live in prison for decades from where he can continue to infect the minds of deluded people outside the prison system, through social media. It’s OK to make him look like a hero to some people out there — and if keeping him alive in prison still creates a risk for society, so be it.

Today, as Charles Manson reportedly lies close to death in a hospital, many people on social media are hoping he dies a painful death. Some are ready to celebrate when his death is announced.

So, what good came of keeping him alive all these years?

— Jillian

Photo: Charles Manson in 2014. Source: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation/Wikipedia.