Nudism/Naturism: Nudist dating sites

I’m seeing a lot of advertisements these days for nudist dating sites, but haven’t joined any because I already have a partner. But if I didn’t, I would check them out.

I believe in dating sites. I met my late b/f on one, and I met my current partner on another —  neither of which were nudist dating sites. And over the past 15 or so years, I’ve met a lot of people — in real time — through (non-nudist) dating sites. Sure, there are fake game players and married people looking to cheat on their spouses and ripoff artists on many dating sites, but there are also a lot of honest singles simply trying to meet someone with interests similar to theirs. You soon learn to separate the fakes from the sincere people (hint: if they ask you for “a loan” because they’re stuck somewhere, don’t write back to them — no matter how sweet and beautiful they say you are.).

Several naturists — mostly male — have mentioned to me that it’s hard to find a partner who shares their passion for social nudism. I’m betting a lot of single nudists join nudist dating sites in hope of finding a partner or friends, but I have no idea how successful or not they have been.

Hence, this post.

Have you joined any nudist dating sites? Any success stories? Any horror stories?

Incidentally, if you have joined a nudist swingers’ site, please feel free to talk about your experiences there, too.

— Jillian

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9 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: Nudist dating sites

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    1. I used to listen to Coast to Coast AM on my drive home late at night. It kept me amused — and awake. Now I seldom hear it because I finish work well before it comes on, but I am on their mailing list and get to read some of their far-out stuff.


    2. I just realized we both responded to the wrong post. You meant to respond to the Sunday Reads post — this is the nudist dating sites post. So, if you transfer your comment, I’ll transfer my response to it.



  2. I’ve thought about it since my husband passed a little over 2 months ago, but I figured there were enough men in this area with whom I could connect down the road a little piece.


  3. Since my wife died a few years ago, I have been on a nudist dating site but didn’t find anyone there. I have looked at other nudist dating sites but the all seem to the same site just being sold as different ones. I have also been on textile sites and meet a few there but while some where a little curious non seemed interested in continuing to get to know each other once I revealed that was a nudist.


  4. I haven’t visited any nudist dating sites in a few years. When I have looked at them, in the past, they always were disappointing. Like most online dating sites, the men outnumber the women by two, (or three, or four,) to one. And, while lots of guys on traditional dating sites are really looking for a quick hook-up for sex or they are far from honest about themselves and their motives, these nudist dating sites magnify this problem by attracting a lot of guys who equate nudism/naturism with swinging, easy sex, no string attached. As a result, I mostly found these sites had a lot of women who were very disappointed with what they found there, or just many women leaving or staying away from these sites to begin with.

    I also found some of these sites were run by people who also own porn sites, sometimes even trying to get members of the nudist sites to check-out their other sites. And, of course, the trolls with fake profiles designed to draw guys into scams.

    You might think that guys who are serious nudists, and are looking for genuine relationships, would do well at such dating sites because they’d be a welcome refuge from the jerks pursuing the women for a quick lay. I found there to be lots of women putting up barriers, understandably, to make the jerks give up the pursuit. The area where I was living, at the time, was already sparsely populated, and the number of nudists being even smaller, and those willing to subject themselves to the crowd on these sites just wasn’t worth the time, and especially not worth any fees charged by some of these sties. So, I went back to traditional dating sites where I met a better crowd.

    If there were a site which involved a rigorous screening process for new members, and serious monitoring by the site management to weed out the ones with the wrong idea, then you might have something there. I just haven’t seen any site willing to make such an effort, yet.


  5. We have done some investigation on nudist dating sites, because we were also planning to write a blog post about it. We were very disappointed. Most of the sites have the single purpose of trying to get money out of your pockets or to collect photos which they can use on other (often porn) sites.
    Lots of the profiles are obviously fake, often set up by the website owners to get a better male/female rate.

    If people are searching for a partner with the same interest, we would strongly advise them to frequent nudist forums or social media sites instead. There are several great Facebook and Twitter groups, there’s The Nook and even TrueNudists (of which we’re not such big fans either) is better than the dating sites.


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