Invasion and fall of the United States may be nigh (if you believe fake news)

If the latest news about Donald Trump is true, and is not just fake news concocted by U.S. intelligence officials and others in Washington, then Americans ought to be very worried.

No, not about Donald Trump being president.

They should worry that Russia is so easily able to infiltrate the political system in the United States, and can manipulate it and alter its course.

And they should worry that Russia can hack into the power grid — if you believe so-called anonymous intelligence officials.

Americans should worry about all of the material being leaked by those so-called U.S. intelligence officials to irresponsible news outlets who are not vetting the information at all.

Because if Russia has that much control over the United States and has created such confusion in the federal political system, the end is nigh for America.

I mean, it’s beginning to look like Russia could walk in and take over any day now — and they just might do it, if they are half as bad as American officials are making them out to be.

So, Americans better hope that none of the allegations being made about Russia are true, and that it is just dirty politics being played out in Washington by people bent on making sure Trump does not take office.

From my vantage point, the United States is imploding, and is ripe for an invasion by just about any foreign power.

— Jillian

Photo credit: CassadeyFedel via / CC

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