OMG! Vampire bats turning to humans for blood donations

Speaking of click bait . . .

As if we don’t have enough things to worry about these days, now we’re getting word that hairy-legged vampire bats have been turning their attention to humans for blood.

The story is on the Daily Mail site as well as the Toronto Sun site, and God, er, Dracula only knows how many other sites are picking it up.

The news comes out of Brazil, where the little critters normally have been knocking back the blood of wild birds — their sole source of food, apparently. But with the decline of wild birds — no doubt, thanks to humans destroying their habitats — the vampire bats may have turned to humans for dinner, sneaking into people’s homes and dining on them while they sleep, or getting at them outside.

According to Wikipedia, there are three species of vampire bats whose food source is blood, and all three of them are native to the Americas, “ranging from Mexico to Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina.” The so-called common vampire bat — common? OMG! — is known to consume human blood at times, but the aforementioned hairy-legged critter and white-winged vampire bat were thought to feed only on birds.

Not so, according to the Daily Mail writer.

So, if a common vampire bat wasn’t scary enough, now we have the hairy-legged version with which to contend.

Of course, I needn’t worry, right? After all, I live in a Quebec forest — and bats in eastern Canada are insectivores. So, the bats living in my home’s attic won’t be interested in my blood, right?

Naw . . .

But then again, the hairy-legged vampire bats didn’t drink human blood before. Now they do.

Hmm . . .

Did I mention that I’m always on the alert for bats that might get tangled in my hair when I’m outside on the deck and they come swooping out of my attic at dusk on warm summer nights? Yes, I know it’s an old wives tale — but I’m still careful.

But now, bats with hairy legs sucking human blood . . . OMG!

– Jillian

Photo: Isn’t he (or she) cute? This little guy (or gal) is a hairy-legged vampire bat, Diphylla ecaudata, captured in Mexico. Source: Gerry Carter/Wikimedia Commons

8 thoughts on “OMG! Vampire bats turning to humans for blood donations

  1. This is getting kinky! But, like I have mentioned before, Mother Nature takes care of Her own! I Like Her. She doesn’t discriminate. Of course, there is this whole Theosophy, Muhammad, JHC, Buddist thing?!? And then there’s Stephen Hawking. Whatever, %P


  2. Don’t believe anything you read in the Daily Mail (assuming you are referring to the UK tabloid). Why did Bram Stoker center things on Transylvania (Romania) and Whitby (England) when the real critters are from South America?


  3. Are you off your meds? Seriously, I am getting concerned for your mental health.
    First you think Trump is somehow a normal person, and now you think bats drink human blood.

    You sound like a person who reads (and actually believes) supermarket tabloids, Coast to Coast radio and Fox news.


    1. lol.

      I never said Trump was normal. But I do play devil’s advocate sometimes (winks).

      As for bats, well, there really are some bats that consume blood — human and otherwise. (winks)


  4. Everyone is entitled to believe what they want……..well, except for the Trump thing. I wouldn’t describe this bat as being cute, but cuter than Trump but not as cute as a Gargoyle. With our rapid climate change, these bats could be living in your attic in no time. May be time to take care of this little house problem, especially if the bat are no longer taking care of the insects buzzing around your head.


    1. The strange and sad thing is I have noticed there are fewer bats than there used to be where I live, very few at all, in fact. That worries me, because they are an essential part of the ecosystem.


  5. In Merlin Tuttle’s book “The Secret Lives of Bats” he mentions that hundreds of years before Europeans learned about vampire bats living in Central and South America they were writing horror stories and passing along legends about vampires. I wonder where those ideas originated. Bats are amazing creatures.


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