No yellow polka dots.

These are (some of) my thoughts during a week of faux spring weather, with temperatures above the freezing mark, sunny skies, snow melting, birds tweeting . . .

I know it’s only temporary and winter will resume next week. But we are getting a taste of spring now, and I’m thinking about swimming in the lake, sunbathing on a beach, canoeing . . . sigh.

I decided this week that I will buy the skimpiest bikini I can find this spring.

No, not because I want to look like a pinup girl.

Regular readers know that I prefer to go skinny dipping. But there are times when I have to don swimwear because there are people around who are uncomfortable with nudity.

My old plaid bikini, summer 2011
My old plaid bikini, summer 2011

In the past during such times, I’ve worn an old bikini that, well, is too tight on top. And it just isn’t skimpy enough, because even that much material bugs me (see photo at right).

I really hate the feeling of wet material against my skin when I am swimming. It doesn’t feel natural at all.

Hence, my search for the skimpiest bikini I can find.

I see it as the closest thing to being stark naked.

As for yellow polka dots, well, my new bikini will be too skimpy for them . . .

And so the search begins.

I’ll post a photo when I buy it.

— Jillian

Top photo: Warm weather this week has me thinking about sunbathing and swimming, if not in the buff, then in the skimpiest bikini I can find. (Photo source: Wikimedia Commons)