Maybe their time has passed.

There was a time when the LGBTQ community in Canada needed Pride Parades and all who came out in support of them.

But they’ve gotten to the point now that some of the people showing their support are dictating who can participate and who can’t, as in police officers are not welcome to march in the parades, but corporate Canada is welcome to use the parades to advertise its wares and services.

I’m not going to get into specifics, because I don’t want to quarrel with anyone about the issues in such cities as Toronto and Vancouver.

But I have to wonder about the message LGBTQ people are sending by excluding police officers from Pride Parades in Canada.

Yup. The very group that has been crying out for acceptance and equality is now discriminating against police officers who are showing their support.

That is not something to be proud of at all.

I don’t think the issue has come up in my home town, Montreal, yet. But if it does, I won’t be attending any more Pride Parades here.

In fact, I’m not even sure we need Pride Parades in Canada any more, considering that LGBTQ people, in most cases, have the same rights heterosexual people have.

Of course, I’m not against people throwing street parties, and if city administrations want to host such affairs for LGBTQ people, that’s cool.

But the moment LGBTQ people discriminate by barring supporters from participating, I’m outta there.

“Coming out” was never meant to be about putting hatred on display.

Pride Parades are supposed to be about love, the universal kind.

— Jillian

Photo: Pride Parade in some Canadian city in 2013. (Photo credit: GoToVan via / CC BY)