So there you have it.

Some Americans think that Donald Trump and his henchmen (re: Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon) have made school bathrooms “safe again” by allowing states and schoolboards to decide if transgender kids can use those that match their gender identity or not — and many Republicans would prefer the “or not” option.

Indeed, they would prefer that trans kids didn’t exist at all, or any trans people for that matter. Or any gay people. Or lesbian people. Or bisexual people.

In fact, they would prefer that everyone is heterosexual, that women stay home and make babies and pies. And that the men go off to work . . . and that it would be 1950 all over again.

Of course, it’s a pipe dream. LGBT people won’t be disappearing. And they won’t be backing down. They will fight for their human rights.

Meanwhile, some trans kids will be forced to use washrooms that don’t match their gender identity. So, if you read my preceding post — a one-act play — you probably have some idea of how the Trumpian vision of safer bathrooms is an illusion, or delusion.

Because in places where pretty young trans girls are forced to use the boys’ room, well, there are three possibilities: the boys will be polite and not harass the trans girls in the bathrooms. Or, the boys will be attracted to the trans girls and vice versa, and there will be hot sex going down in the boys’ room. Or, the boys will bully and beat up the trans girls, leading to criminal charges against the boys and much legal expense for their parents.

And then there are the testosterone-fuelled young trans boys forced to use the girls’ washroom. Won’t that be interesting (see preceding paragraph for an idea of the possibilities).

Of course, the whole thing is ludicrous and not well thought out. And the arguments against trans women and girls using women’s facilities have always been bogus. But those perpetuating the arguments have successfully instilled unreasonable fear in may people, i.e. bad men will pose as trans women to gain access to public washrooms.

News flash: Those bad men could pretend to be butch women — and not have to go to all the bother of dressing up as women at all — and stroll into women’s washrooms and commit illegal acts.

Again, this is not really about the fear of people posing as trans women to gain access to women’s spaces for nefarious reasons. This is about an alt-right that doesn’t want LGBT people to exist at all.

Don’t ever forget that.

The alt-right lost the same-sex marriage battle, and they’re still smarting over that. They lost the battle to oppress trans adults. So, they decided to go after children. And now they have found a champion in bully extraordinaire Donald Trump, who has a record for picking on minority groups. No doubt, they are hoping he will help roll back more LGBT rights through things like a religious freedom act, giving superstitious people the right to discriminate against LGBT people in the name of their imaginary gods.

Meanwhile, trans kids in school do need to pee. In schools where they are forced to use washrooms that don’t match their gender identity and presentation, they will need to be extra careful. If they don’t feel safe, it will be up to school administrators to protect them — and if they don’t, they must be held criminally responsible if trans kids are assaulted.

— Jillian

Photo: Transgender flag. Photo credit: torbakhopper via / CC BY-ND