“I was really depressed yesterday by all the bad news coming out of the United States,” my g/f told me the other day.

Indeed, it is a common complaint these days. Donald Trump is everywhere in the news. As one N.Y. Times writer reported recently, no American president or anyone else has ever received this amount of media coverage. Why, even bloggers like me are writing about him.

I suppose we are all captivated to varying degrees by the “palace intrigue” in the White House, and we are somewhat incredulous that such crass people could actually be in charge of the United States — for the next four years, at least. Or perhaps eight years.

That latter point is worth keeping in mind and measuring against the history of mankind and, before that, all the time that has expired since the seed of our universe sprouted (see the Big Bang theory).

Donald Trump’s time in the White House — whether it be four years or eight years — is but a blink in time. Actually, it is less than a blink. It is so short that it is unmeasurable, and will be lost in the passage of time soon afterward.

It is worth keeping this in mind when all the bad U.S. news gets you down.

All things do pass . . . “It’s not always going to be this grey.”

Top photo: Shooting star. Photo credit: funcrush28 via Foter.com / CC BY