Why does February only have 28 days?

Why does it have to be so short?

Why couldn’t they take one day from January and one day from March and assign them to February, giving each of the three months 30 days?

I don’t care why they came up with this dumb calendar in the first place. I’m talking about now.

Why not change it?

Another great mystery: Why does it seem so exciting and even titillating when we who are in same-sex relationships see two female nurses kiss for the first time in a show like Grey’s Anatomy?

OK, I can answer that question, which popped up in my mind when my partner and I were watching aforementioned TV show last night and gave each other knowing looks . . .

We remember what it was like when we had that first kiss. Now, well, a kiss is but a kiss, and there will never be anything like that first kiss again in our relationship.

OK, your turn: What great mysteries of life have you been pondering lately?

— Jillian

Photo: An unclothed woman in Washington, D.C. standing behind a “?” sign in July 1922. Source: National Photo Company/Library of Congress/Wikimedia Commons