#GrabYourWallet boycott: Companies with ties to Trump are targets

The New York Times has a report today on Shannon Coulter, who has started a site called Grab Your Wallet featuring a list of companies with ties to Donald Trump and family.

Shannon is calling for a boycott of those companies. About 20 companies have dropped Trump family products since the boycott campaign began.

Here is the link to her site: Grab Your Wallet.

As the site explains, “The goal of the #GrabYourWallet boycott is to motivate companies (to) stop doing business with the Trump family. This is so we can return as customers as quickly as possible! Here are some ways you can make that happen.”

And it goes on to explain what you can do, starting with a simple email.

— Jillian

Photo from the #GrabYourWallet Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “#GrabYourWallet boycott: Companies with ties to Trump are targets

  1. Boycotting people that create jobs with their business, seems quite hypocritical. These people have nothing to do with what the Donald does.


  2. Sassy- overlooking your ambiguous use of pronouns- boycotts are often effective in changing a business policy. And employees rarely lose their jobs. If you can cite a verifiable example that contradicts both policy and jobs, I would like to hear it.

    The fact is that I will never do business with Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-a, and they will never change their policies, but they all have “help wanted” signs in the front doors. My boycott has zero effect on employment.

    The negative publicity is what most business owners fear.


    1. Typical response, missed my point all together. I was referring to the people making and distributing the products, not the retailers. Yes those people (retailers) along with all food service establishments have help wanted signs out because our liberal government has made it too easy to get welfare. Plus the fact that our education system has also failed to properly educate and train people to even hold jobs.


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