In what surely looks like a state getting ensnared in the tangled webs it weaves, red-neck Texas is somewhat red-faced today after a transgender high school boy “completed an undefeated season Saturday by winning a controversial Texas state girls wrestling title in an event clouded by criticism from those who believe the testosterone he’s taking as he transitions from female to male created an unfair advantage,” reports The Associated Press.

Duh, no kidding, eh?

It seems Mack Beggs, 17, really wanted to compete against boys, but the system wouldn’t allow him to.

Apparently, 95 percent of school superintendents in Texas voted in favour of forcing transgender kids to compete in the sex they were assigned at birth. Mack was assigned female at birth.

Maybe this will get state legislators to reconsider Bill SB6, which would require transgender people to use the bathroom of their “biological sex.”

In other words, boys like Mack would have to use the girls’ washrooms and dressing room facilities. And trans girls would have to use the boys’ rooms.

Think of the tangled webs that will result from scenarios like that one.

Clearly, Texas is unclear on transgender issues, just as the White House has proven itself to be under Donald Trump’s leadership.

Meanwhile, in states like Texas, boys like Mack will keep competing against girls in various school competitions — and winning them.

Trans girls, on the other hand, may not bother competing in school athletics meets at all. And, no doubt, that’s just the way alt-right rednecks of Texas would prefer it.

— Jillian

Photo: Rainbow streamers. Credit: mattbuck4950 via / CC BY-SA