We all have our favourite music to suit various moods and occasions.

My usual soundtrack is rock, both classic and today’s music.

Once in a while, when I need to top up my spirituality, I listen to the likes of George Harrison solo, i.e. after his Beatles days, or various folk artists.

But after a particularly sad, depressing stretch of time at the office (see preceding post), I’m so drained that neither George nor any of my rock or folk faves can help in that department.

So, enter Sade and her greatest hits compilation, which I purchased last year.

It’s so smooth and soothing . . . It just fits my mood and state of mind on this weekend, which I can only describe as “somewhat numb and overwhelmed and vulnerable” not only because of what has transpired, but what is to come. We get like that sometimes, when we just need to step back and neutralize our thoughts and emotions.

How about you?

What are some of the soundtracks in your life?

— Jillian

Top photo: Sade at SAP-Arena Mannheim, Germany 2011-11-16. Source: Thilo Parg/Wikipedia