Donald Trump: Making peace with Russia might get him off the hook (unless he really is the anti-Christ)

Just when you think Donald Trump is beginning to act more presidential, he goes off on a tangent again on Twitter.

This weekend it was something about the Obama administration and wiretaps on his phone in the Trump Tower in N.Y.C. last year.

There might be something to it, but ranting about it on social media isn’t helping to earn him any presidential respect — especially when he didn’t produce any evidence.

Some are saying he — and his pals at a certain right-wing publication — are doing all this to distract people from the allegations that Trump and the Russians have been more than cozy, and that the Russians may have somehow helped the Donald win the election illegally.

Honestly, when it comes to the dirty tricks of American politics, I neither believe nor trust anyone involved.

But I am wondering why Mr. Trump doesn’t swiftly meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and make peace with Russia, thereby making all former meetings between various parties irrelevant.

Certainly, many in the world would feel more secure if these two countries were friends.

Unless, of course, you believe and are comfortable with what some are saying about Nostradamus predicting Trump would be elected and would, in fact, be the anti-Christ who would bring about World War III.

Who knows . . .

— Jillian

Photo: President Donald J. Trump gives his acceptance speech on Jan. 20, 2017, in Washington, DC. (Source: Screengrab taken by Jillian Page)

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Making peace with Russia might get him off the hook (unless he really is the anti-Christ)

  1. He seems to think he can comment on anything (like we do) regardless of how he comes over to the general public . He says things in a way that’s unbecoming of a head of state


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