“Mine is bigger than yours!”

If you need any proof that some men in high public office are little more than boys bragging about their dicks, consider the recent comparisons made by American and Russian officials about their non-nuclear bombs and their disgusting capacity to wipe out myriad life forms.

First, America dropped a big bomb on alleged ISIS militants in Afghanistan and bragged that it was the “Mother of All Bombs.”

Now Russia is saying, “Oh yah, well we have the Father of All Bombs. So there!” (See CNN report)

And they do have a bomb that is even more powerful than the MOAB the Americans used.

The fact that these folks are bragging about it rather than hanging their heads in shame at being the owners of such biblical abominations speaks for itself.

It would be so much better if they just dismantled their bombs and stuck to swinging their dicks in each other’s faces.

File this under: Disgusted!

— Jillian

Photo credit: _Gavroche_ via Foter.com / CC BY