“Canadian lesbian fiction authors are a quiet bunch. Many readers don’t know we exist or assume we’re American. We hope to change that. We created this site to showcase Canadian lesbian fiction and its authors.”

That is the opening statement on the home page of a site highlighting lesbian fiction (a.k.a. lesfic) by more than 20 Canadian authors.

By lesbian fiction, they mean “a work of fiction that features at least one prominent female character who is a lesbian.”

There is a pretty wide selection of books there, from drama, fantasy, mystery and sci-fi to romance, poetry, Young Adult, thrillers, humour and more.

I’m doubting you will find many, if any, sexually explicit types of books — though I certainly haven’t checked each book there.

I’m interested in mystery and adventure with a dash of romance, so I’ve already purchased a couple of books by Sarah Ettridge — I’m reading Sarah’s Threaded Through Time now — and have downloaded free samples (from Google Play Books) of mysteries by Stevie Mikayne and Liz Bugg to check out later.

If the first-rate quality of Sarah’s works are any indication of the writing standards on that site, this may very well be a treasure trove for anyone interested in good fiction with, possibly, Canadian settings (Threaded Through Time is set in Toronto in 1910 and the present).

The site’s mission statement says “Our goal is to promote and publicize Canadian lesfic by connecting readers to authors and authors to readers. We hope eventually to list all Canadian lesfic writers and their extant works. We will also be publishing news about upcoming releases, literary events, articles about the lesfic community, and pictures of beavers.”

They also encourage Canadian writers who feel they should be listed on the site to contact them.

All in all, this is a super site that deserves to be noted here and in bigger mainstream publications (which I plan to do once I have finished checking out all the writers there).

Happy reading!

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— Jillian