Of peepers and bareleggin’ it

True to seasonal form, we went from heat-the-house weather to hot summer temperatures overnight.

On Wednesday, it was grey and cold in this part of the world. On Thursday, I woke up to said grey, cold conditions and by noon, was ripping off my pantyhose and barelegging it again under sunny skies as the temperature soared to 23C (76F).

I was so inspired that I dropped into Sears and picked up some new platform sandals, marked down to $39.95 from $114.95.

And when I arrived home, I heard the season’s first chorus of Peeper Frogs peeping their little lungs out.

Sigh . . . such a beautiful sound.

Supposedly, their peeping marks the start of spring, but as I have mentioned in this blog before, we seem to skip from winter to summer in one day up here in the (Beverly) hills of Quebec (i.e. spring is a myth).

So the days of pantyhose and other forms of stockings are waning — though, Monday’s forecast is for rain and a high of only 7C (44F), so I wouldn’t be surprised if the peepers don’t peep much.

But today’s forecast is for more barelegging-it weather, i.e. mostly sunny skies and a high of 17C (64F). I might even get in some nude sunbathing today (it’s my day off) while I listen to the peepers, though skinnydipping is out of the question because the lake hasn’t completely thawed out.

Hmm. Yesterday morning, I was worrying about the possibility of nuclear armageddon. This morning I’m wondering if last summer’s leftover suncreen is still usable.

(You know what they say about the difference a day makes.)

— Jillian

Photo: Spring Peeper. Photo credit: Fyn Kynd via Foter.com / CC BY

One thought on “Of peepers and bareleggin’ it

  1. Always an interesting time of year when the transition from winter to spring is occurring. We are enjoying nudity in the house and outdoors doing some spring yard work and pulling cover at night to ward of the deep chill. But hearing the birds sing and seeing all things again turning green makes it worthwhile.


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