So much for the nice weather: We had two summery days in my corner of the world, and now we’re in for a cold and wet first week of May.

Very wet. Environment Canada has issued a weather warning for Quebec. Some areas could see as much as 80 millimetres of rain by next Friday.

And it will be almost cold enough to see snow in some of the higher regions, with nighttime temperatures falling close to the 0C mark (32F).

We have had a very wet April, and flooding has been an issue for some communities near rivers that have seeped over their banks. Sinkholes have developed on some major roads, and there are more potholes than usual, it seems.

Locally, the lake level is higher than I’ve seen it in years, which is good news for people like me who get our drinking water from wells near the lake. There is little danger of the lake flooding its banks, I think, because of the outlet streams that flow into another lake. Contrast this to last summer, when the lake fell to the lowest level I had ever seen.

But I’ll have to put some outdoors activities — gardening, deck staining, etc. — on the back burner. And I can forget about barelegging it for at least a week. Ditto for wearing the new platform sandals.

It was nice while it lasted (for two whole days).

So, what’s up with this wacky weather? Why so much rain? Why so cold? Why don’t I live in Beverly Hills?

Explanations, anyone?

— Jillian

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