Some new friends and I were talking about skinny dipping and other social nudism activities when one person, a middle-age woman, gasped: “I might skinny dip in an indoor swimming pool where the water is treated with chlorine and such, but I would never swim naked in a lake! There are little fishies that could get in to places where they shouldn’t . . . I’d swim topless, yes, but not bottomless.”

Hmm. I had never thought about the risk of foreign critters getting into below-the-belt body openings while I’m skinny dipping.

She insisted that it is a genuine concern.

And, lord knows, I suppose it is possible for something in the water to find its way into the vagina or the rectum or even the penis’ urethra — hence a concern for everyone who goes skinny dipping.

I did a bit of searching on google, and saw one account of a leech getting into a woman’s space while she was skinny dipping. And another account of a man having to deal with something that got into the opening of his penis.

I’m thinking that the risks of foreign intruders would not be limited to skinny dipping: it might happen during any outdoor activity, such as naked gardening or hiking or whatever. Imagine, say, how a black fly bite could complicate things inside a woman’s vagina or man’s urethra.

Am curious if any of the naturists reading this blog have such experiences they can talk about here?

— Jillian

Photo credit: Anna Toss via / CC BY-NC-SA