Donald Trump: Will America be better off when he steps down?

As the media bloodhounds and other opponents of President Donald Trump close in for the kill, it is obvious to me that he will step down in the near future.

(I should note here that I was the only one in my office who predicted that he would win the presidency, and I even won a bet with a colleague on the issue — a coffee being my prize.)

I cannot see Trump sitting through an impeachment process, so he will walk away from the job and new President Mike Pence will pardon him for any wrongdoings.

And so many left-leaning folks will rejoice, at least temporarily, and newspapers like the New York Times will have effectively killed the proverbial goose who layed the golden egg — and lose readers in the process.

Because, the truth is, Trump has been good for the newspaper business. A lot of people have been subscribing to papers like the N.Y. Times and the Washington Post for their Trump coverage.

With Trump gone and Pence in charge, politics in the White House will get back to the same old same old, even if the nation will see more right-wing values forced on it than it would have under Trump. And newspapers like the N.Y. Times will see their online subscriptions fall, especially among international readers who only signed on because of the Trump presidency (I’m one of them, and, yes, I will cancel my subscription soon after Trump steps down).

Many will probably say that papers like the New York Times and the Post have done their jobs well if Donald Trump is forced from office. Indeed, they have been relentless in their attacks on him before and after the election. And they will run him into the ground — which is why I am sure he will quit.

Thing is, a majority of Americans voted for Donald Trump, and it is questionable whether he was given a fair chance to govern. From what I have seen of the presidency over the years, it doesn’t matter who holds the office. There are always people who are critical of the president. There are always people trying to oust the president, looking for any reason to impeach him.

If you are a Republican president, Democrats will attack you in myriad ways and try to bring you down. And if you are a Democrat in the White House, you’ll get similar treatment from the Republicans.

It is a revolting spectacle. It’s not real democracy at all. People aren’t working together. They are working against each other, too many of them for their own selfish purposes.

If there is any lesson to be learned from the Trump presidency, it’s that the American political system is sick, perhaps terminally ill. America needs to rethink its government, and come up with a better system in which elected officials work for the people, not for themselves and fat-cat capitalists.

It’s time for peaceful revolution in America.

— Jillian

Photo: Donald Trump. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via / CC BY-SA

7 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Will America be better off when he steps down?

  1. No. Trump won’t step down. He will fight to the end. He considers quitting as losing and that, his psyche cannot tolerate.
    Impeachment will only happen when Trump becomes a liability to the Republicans in the House. They all are up for re-election in November of 2018, and when Trump becomes a liability to their re-election, he is toast.

    But, Pence could be worse. He tells anyone who will listen that he is a Christian first, and a public servant second. (And infinitely smarter than Trump). Pence will try his best to make the US a theocracy, end same-sex marriage, end abortion rights, suppress voting, etc… All the things that the lunatic (I.E. religious) right have been trying piecemeal at the state level.


  2. He was NOT elected by a majority of voters. We have a quirky system in the states that has allowed the minority candidate to win on four different ocasions. On top of that, only half of our citizens vote – that’s our own baggage – so less than a quarter of our nation actually cast ballots for him.

    As a progressive I think it might be better to keep him and let him stall the regressive party’s agenda with his avoidable scandals and make it easier for centrists and progressives to win elections.


      1. I’m not sure if a simple majority is enough. In the U.S., the California vote would skew the results every time in favour of the Democrats, even if the Republicans won most of the other states.

        The Republicans would never win (which not be so bad).


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