Sunday Reads: ‘A perversion of Islam’

After yet another terrorist attack in the name of Allah in London on Saturday, British PM Theresa May declared “enough is enough,” the New York Times is reporting.

May has vowed to launch “a sweeping review of Britain’s counterterrorism strategy,” and said “government may extend the time of custodial sentences for terrorism suspects” — similar to an idea I suggested here recently but was pooh-poohed by people worried about suspending the civil rights of said suspects.

But clearly, something has to be done to stop wacko citizens from running amok and killing innocent people on behalf of alleged religious extremists — I say “alleged religious” because I am not convinced the leaders of these terrorism groups are religious at all, and I strongly suspect that money is the root of their particular brand of evil.

May referred to them as “a perversion of Islam,” the N.Y. Times is reporting, and said “There is, to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country.”

She is calling for a global effort to “regulate cyberspace,” which is the prime recruiting grounds for terrorists looking to brainwash simpletons into blowing themselves up in marketplaces and the like.

It should be noted that the Muslim Council of Britain is condemning Saturday’s truck and knife attack by three scumbags, which took the lives of seven people and injured dozens of others.

Indeed, true Muslims around the world have been condemning these types of attacks from the outset, and it’s a wonder anyone is buying into the lies and deception of terrorist organizations claiming to represent Islam.

Perhaps that is where part of the solution to the terrorism problem lies: The Muslim Council of Britain and other such organizations could do more to reach out to potential extremists, in tandem with an information campaign launched by the British government to dispel the myths and lies of terrorist organizations, because I’m betting the only exposure some homegrown extremists have to Islam is what they hear from the likes of ISIS and their cohorts — “a perversion of Islam,” as May put it.

What do you think? Any ideas on how we can prevent such forms of attacks? Or are they unstoppable?

— Jillian

Photo: “There is, to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country,” British Prime Minister Theresa May said following an attack by three terrorists in London on Saturday, June 3, 2017. (Photo: Wikipedia)

6 thoughts on “Sunday Reads: ‘A perversion of Islam’

  1. You said: “… similar to an idea I suggested here recently but was pooh-poohed by people worried about suspending the civil rights of said suspects.”

    No, your idea was Trump-like in that if they are known to police, lock them up. The process in the U.K. has a finite time limit- hold suspects for 14-days and if the police can’t make a case against them, they get released.

    You worry too much about ISIS. Keep the risk in perspective.
    Today (if this is an average day in the USA):
    1560 people will die from Cancer
    268 people in US hospitals will die because of medical mistakes.
    117 Americans will die in an automobile accident.
    98 people in the US will die from the flu.
    53 people will kill themselves with a firearm.
    37 will die from AIDS.

    But, there is no outrage about those deaths. Really, if the news was relative to the number of deaths, terrorism might not even be in Section 1, let alone the front page.


    1. As Brit who lived in the US for several years I always maintained it wasn’t my place to have an opinion on gun laws so this is just an observation not a comment. Even the recent Manchester atrocity was of a similar scale to some of the mass shootings that occur in the US.
      Yes claiming these crimes are done in the name of Islam is a perversion of that religion and the extremism needs to be clamped down on. But just saying equally bad atrocities happen elsewhere without that “justification”.


  2. I have to comment on your title: “‘A perversion of Islam’”

    Since 9/11, more people in the U.S. have been killed by radical christian terrorists than all Islamic terrorist incidents.

    Wouldn’t that accurately be a “‘A perversion of Christianity”?’ Where are the headlines?



    1. I’m quoting Theresa May with the headline, hence the single quote marks around it.

      I think people who claim to kill in the name of God are perverting Christianity if they claim to be Christians.


  3. • Become religious because you haven’t a clue.
    • Do the opposite of what you profess to believe.
    • Learn to predict a fire with unerring precision.
    • Then burn the house down to fulfil the prediction.
    • Be martyred for eternity.
    • Emerge from your coffin every 10 minutes
    • to check the clock on the wall.


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