Nudism/Naturism: Tragedy at a Quebec campground

Purists in the nudism community were trying to distance themselves from a breaking news report out of Quebec Monday evening about what appears to have been a double murder and suicide at a campground billing itself as offering “naturist camping for liberated people.”

News reports are saying “a man in his 70s may have killed his ex-partner and her new boyfriend” at the Club Naturiste Adam et Ève campground in Ste-Brigitte-des-Saults, near Drummondville.

First, this is a tragedy that could happen anywhere, and my heart goes out to the families and friends of those who have lost their lives.

Some naturists are saying that Adam et Ève is a place for “swingers” as opposed to “nudists,” as if one cannot be both a swinger and a naturist.

I respectfully disagree. There are people who combine the two — and why not, as long as it is between consenting adults? We talked about the “libertine” naturism issue here recently when such a camp — the Diamant Noir — opened in France.

There’s no doubt that Club Naturiste Adam et Ève’s website puts some emphasis on titillation, and I have no idea if it lives up to it. No doubt, it has some sexy events for adults. But attendance at those events is not mandatory, I’m sure. One could just enjoy the pool and other facilities without engaging in wife swapping and the like. And most of the site’s pictures show standard things like the swimming pool, washroom facilities and rental spots.

Which is all to say that naturists shouldn’t look down upon — and disassociate themselves from — people who combine social nudism and swinging. The fact that some swingers enjoy naturism makes them no less part of the wider social nudism community.

To each their own . . .

Meanwhile, we have lost three members of the naturism community in tragic circumstances.

Very sad . . .

Update: Police are saying a “love triangle” may have been behind the deaths.

— Jillian

Photo: The swimming pool at the Adam et Ève naturist campground. (Source: Adam et Ève website)

5 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: Tragedy at a Quebec campground

  1. I agree this type of tragedy could happen anywhere. The resort or camp is not responsible for what patrons do. The patrons are responsible for their own behavior.


  2. I consider humanity as a multilayered cake. If you cut yourself a slice of “nudists” from the cake you will end up with some people from every layer, including swingers. We draw disproportionate attention to the nudist community when we protest too much and claim some form of purity.


  3. To Swing is one thing. To Nature is another. On the other hand without the sex drive there wouldn’t be either. Profound %@


  4. When I first heard about this, that next morning, I remembered that the Quebec Naturists went to a nude volleyball tournament at a place out around Drummondville, last summer. I wasn’t there, but I knew that was a family friendly event, so I wondered if this could be the same place?

    Turns out, Drummondville has a wealth of nude social opportunities, (in season, anyway,) with both a naturist campground, and the swingers place where the murder/suicide occurred. Unfortunately, I’m sure this terrible occurence isn’t going to help business at either establishment.

    I think having places like this near each other, whether associated with each other, or not, is more possible in Canada, where swingers clubs are part of established law, than it would be in most parts of the States. In much of the U.S., having a swingers place near a naturist campground/resort would likely bring about public scrutiny which could be the demise of both.


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