North Korea: Endgame, anyone?

Here’s a chance to predict the future: How do you see the North Korean nuke threat playing out?

As a Bloomberg analysis piece puts it, “the planet’s most unpredictable nation (is) on the cusp of being able to hit the U.S. homeland with the the most powerful weapons known to man.”

Of course, if North Korea did hit the U.S., it would probably be obliterated by the U.S. afterward. You’d think the “stone-cold nut job” running the country would know that, so would never use an intercontinental ballistic missile on South Korea, Japan or the United States. But he is a mentally unstable leader who probably wouldn’t listen to advisers and might act on impulse, a la ISIS, who don’t mind blowing themselves and everyone else up if they think they can hurt the infidels they hate so much.

In other words, if dictator Kim Jong Un became convinced that the United States or someone else plans to assassinate him, he could easily unleash armageddon for his nation.

The United States doesn’t appear to have the most mentally stable of leaders, either, but at least Donald Trump has plenty of advisers — both political and military — to guide him in such matters, and he would listen to them. Say what you will about Trump, but he is not an insane dictator like Kim Jong Un is.

So, will the U.S. or any other country, i.e. China, be able to successfully use the carrots and stick approach to get North Korea to reverse course on its development of nukes? Or does the world simply have to accept North Korea as a nuclear power, and prepare their defence systems accordingly.

Or, will the United States simply take out Kim Jong Un in an assassination hit and/or hit the countries nuclear facilities?

Or what?

You be the analyst. How is this all going to end– if it ends at all.

— Jillian

Photo: Drawing of Kim Jong-un. Source: En-cas-de-soleil/Wikimedia Commons

3 thoughts on “North Korea: Endgame, anyone?

  1. Residents neat Seoul are doing bomb-drills. Like the ones we had in the ’60s. China will likely put their thumb on N. Korea before it gets to a shooting war, and even then it’s likely to be a conventional (I.E. non-nuclear) confrontation. even if Il manages to reduce the size of their nuclear weapons to get them on a missile, it’s unlikely able to reach much farther than Japan or South Korea because of the added weight.

    China, however, will step in before it gets that far. They do not want a unified Korea with Seoul as the capitol. That would put a US military ally on their border.

    And, yes, Trump is unstable enough to launch if Kim launches first. Just to show he has the balls to do it.

    Advisers??? LOL!!

    Don’t get me started on the Moron-in-chief.


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