The perils of Windows 10

I’m done with Microsoft. It will be back to Mac operating systems for me just as soon as I can, fiscally speaking.

Last week, readers will recall, I was rejoicing over the new download and upload abilities of the new router I purchased. It was a “miracle in the mountains,” I dubbed it.

On Friday, I had 5.9 gigs left in my metered internet data account for the month, which expires on Aug. 11. Today, I have one gig left, thanks to some tech in Microsoft who decided that computers with Windows 10 operating systems — to which I updated — would receive automatic Windows updates whenever they use a WiFi connection or an ethernet connection. There’s no choice here, as there is with other metered connections that give you the option of downloading updates when you have a free WiFi connection.

It obviously didn’t occur to some tech in Microsoft that some people actually have to pay for WiFi, and that they have limits on the amount of data they can use in a month before they get hit with extra charges.

So, on the weekend, not realizing that some tech in Microsoft made a huge error with all of this, I went online and before I knew it, Windows updates had downloaded some 4 gigs to my computer, tried to load the updates, then informed me it couldn’t do it and reverted to whatever Windows 10 program I already had.

In other words, it wasted 4-plus gigs of my data plan — about $50 worth — for absolutely nothing.

Yes, I did go online to try to find ways to disable the update function, but none of the remedies people were offering work on my computer. I even tried to revert to Windows 8 Pro — I have the disks. But Windows 10 won’t let it revert.

So, it has all been a frustrating waste of time and money.

This is not the first time I have had problems with Windows updates. I often take my computer to work and update it on their WiFi. I get the same issue sometimes: Windows downloads a huge update, then tells me it can’t install it, and reverts to whatever it was before. A total waste of time . . . and lots of it.

So, FUCK Microsoft!

Back to Macs I go.

— Jillian

P.S. Yes, I am using my old Rogers rocket stick now, which moves at a snail’s pace.

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6 thoughts on “The perils of Windows 10

  1. Whether Microsoft or Apple, we get shafted. Not to mention our big 3 Telecoms. But they in no way compare to the present POTUS. The world may get lucky and his base will wake up and Vote him out. Because if the Law doesn’t work and he stays in power, the largest Banana Republic here we come. Thank goodness for BRIC %D%O


  2. Go to Linux Mint instead. It’s MUCH cheaper than the Mac route and it’s gets the job done. Or better yet, dump the metered connection.


    1. I’ll look into that. Thanks.

      Meanwhile, I have solved the problem with Windows, no thanks to my ISP provider or Microsoft. Now I’m in the process of eliminating apps that don’t allow people to control updates.


      1. You may also want to look at this: But Me’s recommendation is solid. The only caveat is that some websites require that you tweak Linux Mint to allow for Windows OS access, which is possible with their(Linux) Emulator, because there are instances where you cannot use their web platform because it is not recognized by a machine running Linux; as I understand. Like I said, ‘shafted’. God help us with ‘smart’ cars that will allow the new Rogers Plugin to ‘control’ you!!! How I miss the old carburetor-choke-roll-windows-manually motor-vehicle. But we are being shafted again %(%| btw. your Apple, should you decide to go back will be $$ as you stated; and offers no guarantees either. FEH x2%P


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