Of time, 4x4s and the 60s

Funny how 60 months, or five years, seems like such a long period of time when you are facing payments on that new car you just bought, but such a short period when you consider how quickly you are aging.

On one hand, you can hardly wait for that car loan to be paid off. On the other, you’re not in a hurry to be five years older.

Of course, we all know that the next five years will seem to fly by for most of us, at least, those of us who are busy. Though, I am told by some retired folks that time flies for them, too.

I guess there is no getting around it: our days are quite limited, and we become more and more aware of that fact as we get older and look back and wonder where the time went and why we feel inside that we haven’t aged one bit.

Funny how that works: there is a part of us that doesn’t seem to age at all.

Maybe it’s that part that had me buying a third (used) vehicle last week, reminding me that in another five years I might not be able to afford a car or even get a car loan. And I’ve long wanted to own a 4×4 Jeep, considering the terrain I have to deal with in the mountains . . . And there’s lots of room in it to carry that set of drums I’ve been thinking about buying.

No, I am not going to age gracefully. And I have graduated from shoe fetishes to car fetishes. I would like to add a Camaro to my fleet of Hondas and Jeep . . . before I am too old to drive anymore.

Yes, I can understand why so many people in their 60s are driving Mustangs and Camaros. I totally get it. And I wouldn’t mind having a Mustang, too.

Yes, five cars in my collection might just be enough?

— Jillian

Photo: 2007-2008 Jeep Patriot photographed in College Park, Maryland, USA. Credit: IFCAR/Wikipedia

8 thoughts on “Of time, 4x4s and the 60s

  1. You don’t understand. My father is 93 and drives like he was a teenager. Thankfully, he does not Text while doing it though oh, his driving record is impeccable %P


  2. Car fetishes more pricey than shoe fetishes, and require much more storage room. Enjoy regardless.
    Just got a new car (see blog), but quite boring.


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