Loss of innocents: Of murder and chaos

I’m crying inside again today for another person, someone I didn’t even know, whose life was taken in a senseless act of violence.

It happens every day around the world, doesn’t it? People with anger issues lose control. They snap. They kill in acts of blind rage.

In this case, the accused is alleged to have murdered his female partner and abducted their son, leading police to issue an Amber Alert. They soon discovered he ditched his vehicle at a provincial rest stop and stole a Honda SRV from a 71-year-old man named Yvon Lacasse, who then went missing. Police found Yvon’s body by a river yesterday.

The accused, caught in Ontario, is in a hospital after apparently trying to take his own life while in police custody. The last I heard, he will live to face the charges against him, and will no doubt spend the next 15 to 25 years in jail (if convicted) — if he doesn’t execute himself beforehand.

Yes, I and no doubt others are wishing there was a death penalty so we could grant this guy his wish. But then I got to thinking: what if someone I loved snapped one day and committed such a crime? Would I stop loving them? Would I wish them death by public execution?

I am reminded once again that no matter what you do to keep yourself healthy to prolong your life, it could be taken away from you in an instant by some careless individual in an accident or, like the two victims mentioned above, in an act of rage by some crazed person with anger issues.

Yes, I have also thought it might be best to carry a handgun, but my readers here have long pointed out the folly in that. Yet if Yvon Lacasse had a gun on him, he could have stopped his killer . . .

There are no answers. It just reconfirms to me that the material world is very much a wheel of chaos, an abyss of sorts, and I take some comfort in knowing that some day, I will be liberated from it in a metaphysical sense, or in no sense at all.

— Jillian

Photo: Chaos, by George Frederic Watts, circa 1875. Source: Wikipedia

4 thoughts on “Loss of innocents: Of murder and chaos

  1. That’s because initially you were not brought up to “hate”; as a former POTUS recently said. And “anger” management is a psychological, not to mention criminological, subject area that has become an industry. Then there are the genetics; which of course they are working on and that is being “ethically” discussed. But as we progressed through Life we learn that the bullies and psychopaths were ahead of us in this characteristic of homo sapien. I refuse to “believe” that carrying a weapon is a “natural” state of affairs regardless. Otherwise, as you point out, it’s the jungle. Is it? Just “thinking” %@


  2. Today (if this is an average day in the USA):
    1560 people will die from Cancer
    268 people in US hospitals will die because of medical mistakes.
    117 Americans will die in an automobile accident.
    98 people in the US will die from the flu.
    53 people will kill themselves with a firearm.
    37 will die from AIDS.
    30 people will die in gun-related murders.

    This is just ONE DAY!

    You have been watching too many movies. So, a thief sticks a gun in the window of your car and tells you to get out. Where’s *your* gun? In the glove box? In the boot? Even if it’s on your person, just how are you going to reach for it, release the safety and aim at the thief, all while you are amped up on adrenaline just wanting to stay alive. Did you forget the thief started this with a gun in your face? You think your gun will protect you??? No, it will only provoke a response from the thief, likely shooting you because of the new threat of your gun.

    The good guy with a gun is a myth. Maybe you can find one or two “good guy” stories in the news, but compared to 30 gun-related murders a day in the U.S. alone, a small number of the “good guy” stories doesn’t even begin to make a dent in the carnage.


    1. Well said. Not to mention the number of people killed by the “good guys” Txt’ng on their cell-phones while barrelling down the highway @ 120kmph. Go figure!?! %%O


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