Another mass shooting in the U.S. leaves, at last count, 59 dead and more than 500 injured — and thousands if not millions more traumatized.

That one man could commit such an act boggles the mind.

But we all know these types of mass shootings will continue in the United States.

The Las Vegas mass murderer demonstrated what America enabled him to do, and what anybody else there can do, too.

It seems almost futile to talk about stricter gun control — i.e. take them out of citizens’ hands altogether — because there are just too many people opposed to that and who seem to feel that the occasional mass shooting is not reason enough to give up their perceived right to bear arms.

But, still, to many others it just doesn’t seem right to simply shrug and accept the fact that we have to live with this sort of thing.

I’m wondering what it will take for Americans, collectively speaking, to take concrete steps to voluntarily give up their guns and ammunition, and for the weapons industry to stop offering them to the public?

— Jillian