Three power outages in the past few weeks, and the current one looks like it is going to last for a few days — or more.

It seems to come with the turf when you live in the mountains of Quebec. A few huffs and puffs from Mother Nature, and the hydro infrastructure flickers and dies.

Today’s so-called wind storm, with gusts between 50 and 75 km/h, caused hundreds of power outages across the province, leaving many people — about 160,000 paying clients — in the dark, some for days, apparently.

My home has a fireplace, wood stove, lanterns etc. But living without hydro electricity is still a nuisance.

I have been thinking about buying a generator for years, but have put it off one too many times. Now I want to buy one — and I also want to sell the house.

Selling the place could take a while, though, so I have been exploring my options for generators. I’ve learned that what I need is an inverter generator, with as many watts as I can afford. But I don’t really understand how to use one. For example, say I want to hook up a satellite dish and TV to my generator: do I need a power cord with two plug-ins?

Yes, I’ve been checking on the web, but I am still pretty unclear on the concepts.

So, feel free to share your generator experiences with me here.

P.S. It may be tomorrow sometime before I can acknowledge your comments, given that I am leaving the office now and heading back to a dark house.

— Jillian

Photo: Hydro linemen in action. Photo credit: kiwinky via / CC BY-NC-ND