Are you in favour of Montreal’s ban on pitbull-type dogs?

How do you feel about the taxpayers’ money spent on Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebrations? Lighting up the Jacques Cartier Bridge? Granite stumps on Mount Royal? The Formula E car race in the streets of downtown?

How about Mayor Denis Coderre taking a jackhammer to Canada Post property — and not facing criminal charges afterward?

Or calling the opening of illegal Cannabis Culture shops in Montreal in December a pointless stunt and justifying police raids and arrests of 10 of the chain’s employees, including its owner and Canada’s biggest pot activist, Marc Emery.

How about the dumping of hundreds of thousands of gallons of untreated sewage into the St-Lawrence River, which drew international condemnation?

If you’re OK with the antics of Denis Coderre and you live in Montreal, and you can accept more of the same along with his trademark arrogance, then you’ll probably be voting for him and his party on Sunday.

If I were able to vote in the Montreal election — I live in the Laurentians — I would NOT be voting for Denis Coderre and his party.

I’d be voting for Projet Montréal, with Valérie Plante at the helm for mayor and such councillors as Sue Montgomery and Alex Norris, the latter being two former journalists I worked with and whom I know have the greater good at heart.

Indeed, Projet Montréal seems to me to be the true party of the people — and I wish they were running in my town.

— Jillian

Photo: Valérie Plante, Projet Montréal leader and mayoral candidate. (Photo: Wikipedia)