Another year’s over, another’s begun . . .

My, how the years fly by, huh?

If I were to have one New Year’s resolution, it would be to do my bit to further the cause of global peace and love in my own small ways. A sincere smile, for example, can inspire and produce immeasurable ripple effects. By sincere, I mean it has to come from your heart and be reflected in your eyes — because we’ve all heard that old Temptations song about how smiles can be deceptive and how “the eyes don’t lie, amen.”

Just imagine how the world might be changed if everybody sincerely smiled at everyone who crossed their paths. (Yes, that would mean looking up from our smartphones — which might be the most anti-social device ever invented.) It would be an unspoken way of saying “peace and love, traveller . . .”

So, I resolve to sincerely smile at more people this year. You’d think it would be simple. But it won’t be. These are not smiling times.

How about you? Any resolutions and New Year’s thoughts.

Wishing you peace and love and prosperity in 2018.


— Jillian

Photo: New Year’s resolution postcard circa 1909. (Wikimedia Commons)