There would be no question about it — if Macs weren’t so expensive.

But I will probably have to buy a new laptop soon, and I’d rather not go with a Windows operating system again. The reason: they are more vulnerable to hackers and viruses, and Microsoft is constantly updating them with fixes and patches and upgrades to the OS itself.

It’s the latter point that is the most serious issue for me. My current laptop — purchased in 2009 — began life with a Vista operating system. I upgraded to Windows 8, then to Windows 10 Pro, Version 1511. Microsoft is never content to rest with an OS, and is constantly improving them. They’re at Version 1709, I think, and a pop-up box keeps asking me to upgrade or not get fixes and patches etc.

The problem is, I have attempted to update it several times. Each time it downloads the 5 gb of upgrades and updates, then fails to install them. Instead, a new box pops up saying it is reverting to 1511.

Yes, I have researched the problem online, and it seems many other people are facing the same problem. But they are not getting answers, and they’re not getting their updates.

Hence, the revelation this week of major security issues with Intel chips makes them even more serious for people like me whose computers won’t accept the latest version of Windows, in which the patch for said security issues can be found. Without the upgrade, we can’t fully protect our computers, it would seem.

I’m thinking my computer is just too old and there’s something in it that is not compatible with the latest Windows 1o version.

So, I’m in the market for a new computer, and will probably go with a Mac, if I can find something reasonably priced.

I’m also wondering if an iPad can serve as a laptop of sorts for me. IPads are considerably less expensive than Macbooks and such.

Any ideas?

— Jillian

Photo: Macbook Air. (Wikipedia)